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Soakers, shorties and longies oh my!

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I'm a stay at home mom of a toddler boy and have a little girl on the way in mid-June. I used to work part time, but have recently quit working to stay home full time.

I'm using Patons Merino wool and Peace Fleece right now. I have tons of other fun stuff in my stash though.

Just reply to any post that I made if you would like a custom. Unless I'm making more than one item for you, then your custom should be in hand ready to wear within two weeks. Usually I would start on say a Monday and mail out by the next Monday. I will let you know if it would be anything longer, but I'm pretty quick.

I like making longies, shorties and such, but also make other random things as well. If I can get the pattern and it's not something huge or lace work I can do it. =)

Pictures of my past work are in the memories.

Check out the links at the top of this journal for more important information.