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Mason Dixon [Nov. 28th, 2007|08:30 am]
Crocheted N More


[Current Mood |goodgood]

I got the Mason Dixon book not long ago and I've become obsessed with stuff from it. I knit a baby bib and intend to knit more of them.... Usually I'm not a big fan of garter stitch, but it has its uses.

I've also never in my dreams thought I'd want to knit a blanket. But I started a log cabin blanket to use up some of my scrap of Patons Wool. I just need to make room for the Peace Fleece that has exploded upon my yarn stash. I'm quite enjoying doing it and this way I get to keep just a bit of the projects I've done. Each color represents a finished sold project to me. =) It's kind of fun. Also I keep changing colors and it's coming out rather neat.

Also last week I went on a throwing things away spree and I threw out all my old finished objects that had things wrong with them or things that no one would ever want. It was all in the name of practice and it's nice not to have those things staring me in the face anymore.