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Progress [May. 14th, 2007|11:01 pm]
Crocheted N More



I did take a couple other pictures when I took the pic of frootijen's finished shorties.  I took a picture of where I was with cerise_blue's shorties and with color_so_loud's bunny.

Here they are (you can almost see where I've done a little shaping) and I'm about 2" all the way around more than that now).

Also here is the in progress of color_so_loud's bunny.  I put my hand on it to show better how big it is.  Let me know if you want it to be smaller.  It's not a problem.  Also if you don't like the colors I can do something else, because I can always keep it for my littlest one to be.... =)

Basically add about 3" to what I have now for the head and that's how big it will be.